Most exciting action Telugu movies on aha right now

Watching movies online has become common nowadays, and many prefer this method. Using streaming platforms to watch movies allows you to watch your favourite movie at any time based on your choice. You can also continue watching a movie on any day based on the availability of free time or your choice.

Thus, OTT platforms have become one of the best ways to watch new movies at your home or any other place. If you are trying to find the best online streaming platforms for watching new Telugu movies, then there is no better place than aha OTT. You can find most of the popular Telugu movies on aha, which you can watch with a subscription.

Some of the best action Telugu movies on aha

  1. Mosagallu

An ingenious scam for stealing money from the rich, Mosagallu is a crime movie wherein the central characters are scammers. Anu and Arjun, along with some people, plan on becoming savvy criminals by stealing money from the rich using advanced technologies. The movie gets interesting when they face certain problems because of their actions.

  1. Romantic

Romantic is an action movie with romance about the love story of Vasco and Monica. Vasco is convinced to lead a mafia life after his father is murdered and plans on achieving his dreams. But everything changes when he falls in love with Monica and gets into trouble because of another murder investigation.

Lord Rama Reference Overlapped Alluri Image

  1. Alluri

Alluri is an action movie which revolves around a truthful and responsible cop Alluri Seethamaraju. He fights hard for justice, but it will result in many complications, including frequent transfers. The movie is about him being a good cop by facing numerous problems in his life.

  1. Sardar

An action spy film, Sardar is full of exciting action scenes, a few comedies and romances that would keep every viewer entertained. The movie tells the story of a trained RAW agent named Sardar, who falls into the trap of his higher official. His son discovers all the truth about his father and later fights with him to solve a greater issue.

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